2G iPod touch to have Bluetooth capability unlocked by iPhone OS 3.0

By Nilay Patel, Engadget


Looks like that Bluetooth chip in the iPod touch 2G we’ve always thought was for Nike+ suddenly got a lot more useful: Apple’s Greg Joswiak said that Bluetooth can be “unlocked” on the device during the iPhone OS 3.0 Q&A session. That’s two years of rumors put to rest, right there, and a solid move, seeing as three of the major 3.0 features are A2DP, wireless accessory control and peer-to-peer connections over Bluetooth. Any touch owners feeling more inclined to drop the $9.95 now?


iPod touch 2G Jailbroken by iPhone Dev Team

Via, Iamrajendra

Apple iPods

The iPhone Dev Team has jailbroken the iPod touch 2G and it’s all free for you to use. You can always get that $15 NitroKey Slipstream iPod touch 2 jailbreak solution but why not get the free version instead? From what we hear, NitroKey uses the Dev Team’s code and the team didn’t want anyone to charge for something that’s supposed to be free. Why didn’t they launch the free version earlier? Well the Dev Team wanted to keep that jailbreak-enabling security hole under wraps until Apple released a new iPhone.

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