Samsung quietly introduces Q2 digital media player

By Jenn K. Lee, Pocketables


Why is Samsung sneaking new products onto its website without telling anyone about them? Last week it was the less-than-thrilling Q1EX UMPC and today it’s the 8GB and 16GB Q2 (YP-Q2) digital media players.

Frankly, I’m not sure what Samsung was thinking with this one, as it’s basically nothing more than 1) a larger, higher capacity S3 with a 2.4-inch QVGA display or 2) a YP-Q1 in a different body. Other than a reported 50-hour audio battery life, I’m sorry to say that the Q2 doesn’t have much going for it.

Maybe that’s why Samsung is trying to keep it quiet. I only came across it today because I’m working on my Samsung P3 and Q1 reviews and went to check the company’s official US website for good measure. Instead of finding information about those players, I found the new and unreleased Q2 instead.


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