LG Cookie gets upgraded with S-Class interface, 3G, mispelled name

By Greg Kumparak, Mobilecrunch


Just around 6 months after the launch of the LG Cookie (KP500) , LG has announced details of a followup. Because the name “Cookie II” just made too much sense, LG has instead opted to name this second handset “Cooky”, which is not a word.

We had joked that LG had chosen the name “Cookie” because there were no good words left in the phone-naming pool. Now they’re just taking the old names and spelling them wrong.

Anyway – the LG Cooky will be a good bit pricier (around $380, compared to $230), but pack a 3 megapixel camera, TV tuner, the S-Class interface first seen on the Arena, and 7.2mbps HSDPA into a 10.9mm shell (one whole millimeter thinner!). The strength of the original Cookie was its price – this one, we’re not too sure. Oh, and check out the weird external stylus in the shot below.


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4 Responses to “LG Cookie gets upgraded with S-Class interface, 3G, mispelled name”

  1. Bruno Says:

    most beautiful is black lg cookie…i have him…it is great mobile……

  2. molly Says:

    plz i love tis fone ill do anything to get it plz

  3. iPhone Says:

    lg kokie je lijep telefon

  4. marianne oljah costa batista Says:

    gostaria de compra um e mt lindo

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